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In 1936 he created the Independent Labor Party, which was renamed the Scheduled Caste Federation in 1942, and converted finally into the Republican Party of India in 1956.

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The set of measures aimed at ending discrimination and increasing equal opportunity and economic empowerment included equal rights legislation, legal safeguards against discrimination, and affirmative action to ensure fair participation to the discriminated and excluded groups of untouchables. The Social Context of an Ideology: Ambedkars Political and Social Thought.

Economically, he favored a strong state, a democratic socialism oriented to rapid economic development, and a system of compensatory affirmative action policy that included in legislature, public services and educational institutions to ensure equal access to economic opportunities.

As a minister for energy and irrigation under the last British government, Ambedkar played a major role in initiating economic planning in India.

Ambedkar turned toward Buddhism and converted with a large number of followers in 1956.

Buddhism, in his view, was a harbinger of economic and social/cultural egalitarianism and political democracy.

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