Antedating of dining room

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Combined with Auntie Suzy's last efforts to collect some prize money while she still can, it might mean that the coalition is at the point of exploding. We Lost, Dammit We were so proud that we were among the top polluters in the world!But just one Taiwan power plant has single-handedly beaten us.

That Settles It Chinese GZE announced that after their flop in Myanmar, they've stopped thinking about rebuilding Isla refinery, taking over Bullenbaai oil terminal and building an LNG terminal there. But now the question is, what will our Great Leaders do next? And don't think China will give up their colonization plans for us just like that.My father-in-law, when working on cars, always dropped his burning butts in the can of gasoline which he kept handy for getting rid of grease on parts. The same goes for those roundabouts instead of traffic lights which are all the rage these days. I Hate Tourism They're trying to brainwash our promising youth at school into thinking tourism is great! They crawl over the top at a speed so low, you'd overtake them by walking.Instead of stopping at the end of a queue and starting to drive again when the light goes green, you stop, drive, stop, drive etcetera—until you finally get your turn to join the merry circle. They Save, We Go On Paying Aqualectra Utility can save 45 million guilders by replacing guys older than 60 with younger personnel. Then, I got stuck behind that stupid toy train full of the suckers taking a tour through down-town Willemstad. There ought to be a law, it's bad for your blood pressure.Promise: We Will Not Saddle You Up With Cookies A Guide to Names As we have the deplorable habit of twisting and distorting names until their own mother wouldn't recognize them, for You, Dear Reader, here's a list of who are actually meant. Apart from that, the sea around us just does not contain enough fish to supply the population. Arsjes=ex-PM Asjes — Auntie Suzy=Suzy Römer — Bakoba (banana)=Errol Cova — FOØL=FOL political party — Fräudlein Wiels=Marvelyne Wiels — Imalootin'=Yamaloodin — K*NT=KNT political party — M*F*K=MFK political party — Monkee=Monk — Pias=PAIS political party — Pierrot=Nelson Pierre — Quackie=Jacinta Constancia — Sheik=El Hakim — Shorty=ex-PM Schotte Wait, Hope and See The government in its incredible wisdom has decided to raise the minimum wage, with (are you ready) 7.5 cents/hour. With the anarchistic mentality of our people, you may well wonder if this will succeed.

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