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The Tea Party released The Interzone Mantras later in 2001, and in November 2002 joined symphony orchestras across Canada in adapting their live show.

They had decided to name their new group The Tea Party after the infamous hash sessions of famous Beat generation poets Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs.

Epitomising the feelings were the first single "Temptation" and the album's title song.

Triptych followed in 1999, the first single "Heaven Coming Down" rose to No. The Tea Party's music took on a more orchestral sound, maturing from the blues base.

Further developing The Tea Party's sound in 1995, The Edges of Twilight was recorded with an array of Indian and Middle-eastern instrumentation.

"Sister Awake", the third single from the album, defines what the band set out to do, combining three-piece rock compositions with music from the world.

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