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A leather jacketed, long-haired lout, and follower of rock music.

A person or follower of one of the rock music genres, such as 'goth' or 'metal' (heavy, death, nu- etc), and who wears the associated fashions.

We were an ordinary family who had muddled through the haze of babies and toddlerhood and somehow emerged with happy tweens who actually enjoyed being with us and each other.

One late afternoon, I let my two children, Margaret, 10, and Jack, 12, go out and play in the rain with their friends.

Gianluca, a successful Italian football player, arrived in UK in the mid 1990s to play for, and subsequently manage Chelsea FC..

A person who is an unwanted extra, usually to a courting couple. E.g."If you two are going to spend the night kissing and cuddling on the sofa making me feel like a gooseberry, then I'm off out to the pub." Noun. Abbreviated form of the title of the nursery rhyme Goosey Goosey Gander, making use of the word 'gander', being slang for a look. E.g."Let's have a goosey at the timetable and work out which is the best train to get to London."Vrb phrs.

General term for a man, however the word can imply more specific qualities, see version 2. A confident man with masculine qualities, very much 'laddish' in nature and respected.

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Over the next months, when all else was stripped away—most of all the flawed belief that living a simple, faithful life would somehow protect us from pain—I found myself broken. A person who adopts the characteristics of the youth culture described in version 1. E.g."Don't tell John about this, he's a grass and I don't want to get into trouble." 2. In September 2011, our family was gearing up for fall, as lazy summer days transitioned back into the more hectic pace of baseball, soccer, school and church.Figuring out how to squeeze it all in was a puzzle, and I hoped the homework gods would smile upon us and science projects might be forever banned.

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