Dr laura schlessinger dating after divorce

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In October, to celebrate having “survived” her public drubbing, she got a tattoo that occupies most of the real estate on her well-muscled left arm.

It is a red rose (to connote her “sweetie-softy” side) being clenched in the teeth of a glowering skull (to express that “I can be a tough-ass bitch when I need to be,” she tells me).

She begins it by recounting the events of August 10, when she took a call from a woman who said she was African American and married to a white man. “Turn on HBO, listen to a black comic, and all you hear is—” And then she said it. It was yet another moment for special interest groups and activists to raise a fist to prove they are victims.” But to talk to Dr.

“Jade” said she was frustrated by her husband’s white friends constantly asking her to speak for black people as a group. Laura said she didn’t think that was racist, the woman asked, “How about the N-word? Laura, who has spent countless hours on the air castigating women who “choose” victimhood, is to hear a lot about another victim who she believes has been lambasted, unappreciated, and unfairly singled out: herself.

Most of it was actually written before her controversial August show—before “CNN decided to go all-N-all-the-time and have everyone on there calling me a racist,” she says, her green eyes flashing. After all, she says, she’d been attacked and betrayed again.

So she plopped down behind the desk she’s sitting at now, looked out at the water, and began to type.

She posted photographs of the inking process on her Web site.

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She likes to write and move on, she says, never looking back. —are first drafts,” she boasts, as if that is a guarantee of authenticity. Laura would say the word eight more times, and when the caller said that offended her, Dr.

The resulting final chapter, titled “Afterword,” leaves little doubt as to whether she’s a tough-ass bitch. Laura scolded, “Don’t NAACP me.” In the book she writes of the “overreaction” to her on-air remarks about race: “I made a factual statement—blacks use the N-word in a variety of contexts—and you would think I was the reincarnation of John Wayne Gacy….

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