Htc touch trouble with updating software

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Some people have returned their handsets for replacements and report the exact same problem occurring on the new one as well.

Workarounds: You may not be able to get rid of the problem entirely, but you can reduce it by turning off Beats Audio via the gear icon in the Notifications panel.

Try covering the sensors (top left) with your finger and see if the capacitive buttons light up.

You can also test the sensors using a free app called Android Sensor Box.

There is also hissing for some during voice calls, and stuttering during audio playback.

It’s not clear whether this is a hardware or software issue.

You may notice that the capacitive buttons don’t light up and this could actually be a sign that the sensor isn’t working.In this article, we’ll round up the most commonly reported HTC One problems and try to offer up some solutions for anyone suffering from this beautiful phone’s known issues.———— Quite a few people seem to have run into a problem with the earphones or headphones not working with their HTC One.It will simply shut itself down and restart without any obvious trigger.This is most likely to be caused by an app, so pay attention to what you have running when the reboots occur.

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